Armstrong 4280 S-11-1/2 Repair Kit


Kit to replace seal in Armstrong Model 4280 New Style circulator.

New style circulator can be determined by the discharge line being in the center of the volute. The old style design has the discharge line offset to on side.

Includes 11-1/2" casing gasket

Shaft shaft sleeve

Mechanical seal

Correct seal replacement kit for:

4280 4x3x11.5,  with 1150 RPM motor 2 HP and smaller

4280 4x3x11.5,  with 1750 RPM motor 5 HP and smaller

4280 4x3x11.5,  with 3500 RPM motor 7-1/2 HP and smaller

Shipping rate for continental USA

  • Model: 4280S-11-1/2
  • Manufactured by: Armstrong
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