Conditions of Use


All Parts purchased from Shortys Pumps, a division of Shortys HVAC Supplies LLC have a limited warranty in accordance with the conditions and exclusions as outlined by the original manufacturers warranty and in accordance with the Magnuson-Moss law. This warranty is available for your inspection. Warranty exchange will be F.O.B., 7720 Mooresville Rd West Newton, IN 46183

Prior to making any repairs to your heating or cooling equipment, please ensure that you consult all manufacturers instructions and follow all the safety precautions. If you are not experienced with the maintenance of heating and cooling systems and electrical repairs, we recommend that you call a professional. Any parts should only be replaced with genuine OEM parts. Shortys Pumps, and Shortys HVAC Supplies LLC accepts no liability for misused or improperly installed products. Any Improper installation of these products can lead to property damage, personal injury or death. Again, if you are unsure of your ability to install the products, please call a professional to assist you.

Advice from both Shortys Pumps and Shortys HVAC Supplies LLC personel is strictly to be used as a general guideline and never be used as a definitive answer. The responsibilty to see that repairs are completed properly is solely that of the purchaser.

ALL Items that are returned for a refund MUST be new and unused in original packaging. Please contact us for further instructions before returning. Any Items that are returned are subject to 25% restocking charge.

By purchasing an item from Shortys Pumps, you are agreeing to these conditions.
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