Pump Spring Coupler Replacement Tip

Service tip for replacement of pump spring coupler.


Some pump manufacturers provide oil cups on the pump motors instead of sealed bearings. Sometimes the motors are over oiled. This typically leads to issues such as oil on the floor and coating the pump parts. Oil tends to collect lint and dust particles leading to overheating and premature part failures. When the coupler is changed be sure to clean the parts up.

Another issue with too much oil is the motor mount on resilient mounted motors has a rubber ring that deteriorates and causes the motor to droop. This slight drop in the motor causes the motor shaft to be misaligned with the pump shaft. This leads to excessive wear of the coupler and is very tough on bearings and seals. Be sure and look at the motor mount on the shaft end of the motor if you have a coupler that has failed.

A misaligned pump can cause excessive noise and generate more heat. Be sure the set screws in the coupler are seated in the dimple in the pump and motor shaft. If they are not seated properly the coupler can slip. It will also gouge the shaft making later removal extremely difficult.


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