Armstrong 4030 Commercial Pump

We supply complete pump assemblies, repair parts and repair kits for Armstrong 4030 style commercial pumps. This style pump is considered an end suction style and has a bearing assembly that couples the impeller to the motor.

Each Armstrong 4030 pump is custom built for the job so parts must be ordered using the full amount of information on the name tag. This tag is located on the baseplate and contains information such as size (example 3X1.5X6), GPM, FT HD, impeller trim size, motor horsepower, motor RPM and a serial number. The plate may also say BF STD or some other designation. All of this information is critical to identify the correct repair parts or replacement assembly.

Pumps are custom ordered with a custom impeller trim and may have special shaft, bearings, or seal kits installed. The special parts such as the mechanical seal kit, bearings and shaft are only identified by the serial number. 

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