Trane Dual Run Capacitor CPT00977

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Trane dual run capacitor P/N CPT00977

GE (Genteq) model 97F9899

35 uf / 5 uf   440 VAC Round style dual capacitor

OEM Trane, American Standard parts

When replacing capacitor always make sure the uf (microfarad) rating is the same and the voltage rating is the same or higher on the new capacitor. The 3 capacitor terminals are labeled HERM - C - FAN. Make sure the wires are reconnected to the same designated terminal they were removed from. Severe damage to unit may occur if capacitor is not wired correctly. We suggest taking a picture of the top of the capacitor before removing the wiring for reference when reinstalling the wiring to the terminals

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  • Model: CPT00977
  • Manufactured by: Trane
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